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Achieving Lower Cost-Per-Click for Meta Adverts

Understanding the mechanics behind Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is crucial for maximizing your advertising budget efficiency. Nobody likes to waste money on poor ads that have a high CPC.

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Google My Business Is Dead - Long Live Google Business Profile

Your free Google website will soon disappear

Small businesses which made use of the Google My Business (GMB App) to create a simple website should know that Google is doing away with this feature.

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Website Design for SEO - Tangible Benefits for Business

ITM concentrates on Search Engine Optimization during the entire website design process. Focusing on the following elements during website development can significantly enhance a website's SEO performance, leading to better rankings, more traffic, and increased visibility in search engines directly from launch.

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South African Web Development Costs compared to US, UK, Canada and Australia

When considering web development costs across different countries, it's important to understand how regional economic factors, the cost of living, and the availability of skilled professionals influence pricing. 

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Single Page Website Design - Advantages and Disadvantages

One page web designs have numerous advantages, and some distinct disadvantages. They will perform well at some tasks, but you need to be aware of their shortcomings and how to overcome these.

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