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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website software CMS that can create a highly interactive website or blog. WordPress started as a blog engine, but has since been adapted to a full content management system with 1000s of plugins, widgets, and themes.

WordPress is the most popular content management system for website design worldwide. Our professional WordPress website designs are very fast, are mobile responsive, functionally interactive and beautiful. To install WordPress is incredibly easy.

WordPress Website Design Themes

There are 100's of WordPress themes available. Professional responsive website design templates make for beautiful websites. You have the advantage of seeing the theme in action before you buy it. 

This saves you time and money and will get your website up and running in no time at all.

Themes create consistency in design and provide tried and tested solutions to all visual website elements, saving you valuable testing time.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress provides access to literally 1000's of plugins used to enhance the functionality of your website. Most basic plugins are free, with the option to upgrade to premium versions if need be.

WordPress e-Commerce

An online retail business is made simple with WordPress and Woocommerce. You will be able to sell just about anything online, from sell just about anything  from clothes, books or furniture to digital such as online training courses and music downloads.

You can accept credit card payments on a variety of payment gateways from customers around the world. Your WordPress e-Commerce solution will cater for shipping costs, sales management reporting and customer accounts.

WordPress SEO

WordPress is a very good platform for Search Engine Optimization. This makes website marketing a very rewarding effort. Because WordPress is designed around a blog engine, ample opportunity exists to 

WordPress Upgrades

All WordPress websites need periodic upgrades and renovation. Plugins also need to be updated, If these upgrades are not done then the website can become susceptible to hacking attacks. Plugins need to be compatible with each other, and up-to-date, otherwise your website may not perform as you would wish.

WordPress Website Maintenance

A lot of website owners do not have the time or expertise to manage WordPress. The answer is to provide a monthly service based on your budget that will keep your website in shape and address the little changes that every website needs from time to time.

This includes upgrades to WordPress itself, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins and WordPress Backups, as well as WordPress secuity checks. Included are minor content updates and fixes that you may want done.

WordPress Training

Not every website owner is comfortable with making changes to their website. But with a little help, your WordPress website will become easy to understand and manage. You won't have to wait for your website designer to make changes.

We offer WordPress training and WordPress Tutorials for website owners that will allow you to make edits to your website with peace of mind and confidence.

ITM WordPress Website Design

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