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What is DNN Software?

DNN Software is an incredibly easy to use Content Management System (CMS). It is open-source website design software based on Microsoft ASP.Net and runs on a Windows Hosting platform.

The primary strength of DNN Software is that it is built from the ground up as a CMS and derives its secure and robust features from ASP.Net membership roles. DNN is one of the most scalable and flexible content management systems around and is ideally suited for business websites.

Premium versions of DNN Software are amongst the most advanced websites in the world. Since 2003, DNN Software has provided the world’s largest ASP.NET CMS ecosystem, with 1+ million community members and thousands of developers, agencies and ISV’s.

In addition, you will find hundreds of free and commercial third-party module extensions in the DNN Software Store.

DNN Software Security

DNN Software enforces security in every aspect of the development life cycle of modules and the core platform.The DNN Content Management System Software has passed strict vulnerability tests by government agencies and financial institutions in the USA. The U.S. Department of Defense runs hundreds of public websites on DNN Software for this reason.

DNN Software Scalability and Flexibility

It is possible to run 100s of websites on a single instance of the CMS. The website design is independent of the data of the website. The functionality of the site is independent of the design and the data. This means that the website design can be changed in a matter of minutes.

DNN Software Modules

This scalability means that modules can be deployed instantly across multiple websites, saving resources and creating huge economies of scale. A module developed for this common environment will, over time, become highly customisable, reducing the need to install multiple plugins.

DNN Software Upgrades

DNN Software Upgrades are easy to deploy across multiple websites simultaneously. It is for this reason that DNN provides true future proofing for your business, by reducing to total cost of management and ownership through managed hosting services.

DNN Software Training & Support




Benefits of Using a Content Management System

The purpose of a good CMS is to allow its users to focus on what the visitors to the website will see and consume. Therefore, it seldom requires any coding in order to create or update content, adding to the user-friendliness of such a system.

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ITM - Web Design Cape Town - Best return on investment

Are you looking for new web design inspiration, or thinking of upgrading or converting an existing website?

A few weeks ago we reluctantly created a page for our web design prices and packages.

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Why all businesses need a website and a website CMS?

At ITM website design Cape Town we provide all the tools you need on the best web design software CMS with the most competitive website design pricing packages. 

We train and support you so that you can get the most out of your investment, and the most out of social media for your business.

And we are one of the most competitive and cheapest web design companies in Cape Town.

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DNN CMS - The best website design software for business

Excellent website designers are expensive, and for good reason when you are paying for expertise that is in very short supply in South Africa.

And depending on a website designer is also risky especially in an industry where career mobility is so high.

It makes sense therefore to make use of website design templates and website design software that allows you to create great custom design websites dependably and affordably.

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Choosing the best website software for optimal digital marketing

Marketing today is driven largely by digital marketing, with more that 65% of people using online search engines to find products and services they need.

When digital marketing is used correctly it can be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies a business can use.

Therefore choosing the best web design software for your website is vital, with numerous website software providers on the market it can be confusing as to which one is the right one for you.

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Getting the basics of Website Digital Marketing

The first step as with any business is to ensure that the customer can find you easily.

Getting your website in front of your potential clients is the activity of website marketing.


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The Principles of Digital Marketing

Spend time and money on website Search Engine Optimisation

Make sure that your website is optimized for search engine indexing.

Optimize your website content so your business ranks high for relevant keywords in search engine listings.

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Web 2.0 - Social Media and Social Networking for your website

Social media and networking have become a way of life, almost every person uses a social media channel in some way or form.

By your business not taking part in the social media world it is missing out on huge opportunities to market your brand and create long-lasting relationships with potential customers.

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