Content Keyword Optimization Service

Most website content is drafted by business owners and their employees or agents. Much of what is written is not necessarily in your best interests. Grammatical errors, plagiarism and irrelevant content are some of the common problems we see. These factors can hurt your Search Engine rankings.

Drafting website content is a specialised field that combines SEO and copywriting into a coherent whole, creating a quality, authoritative online publication.

ITM content optimisation service includes (amongst others) the following components:

  • Keyword Research - KEI, Competitive Analysis, Traffic Analysis (See Definition of Keyword)
  • Content Creation - Copy writing, Topic research, Audience/Customer research
  • Content Curation - The most effective mechanism to use quality content to your advantage.
  • Basic SEO - Webpage URLs, Website navigation menus, Website page titles and descriptions, Header tags, Hyperlinking text, Image title tags, Landing pages
  • Advanced SEO
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Content Advertising

We draft custom Content Optimisation plans for clients depending on their Digital Marketing needs and budget.

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