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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Definition: SEO is the activity of improving organic search engine rankings, and thereby maximising the quantity and quality of your website traffic, by creating relevant and authoritative page content pertinent to your business, products and services.

It includes techniques and strategies to help you get a higher search engine ranking in the search results page of search engines, which include Google, Bing, and Yahoo! The higher your search engine ranking the more 'visible' your website will be on the search engine results page. 

The higher your search engine ranking the greater the number clicks on your website link and the greater the number of your visitors. This in turn should stimulate a greater number of sales leads.

Search Engine Optimization Components

There are 3 main components to SEO for a website:

1. Technical SEO - This includes such elements as your sitemap, robots.txt, page speed & mobile friendliness. 
2. On-Page SEO - This includes a content audit, page titles, URL, meta descriptions title tags, & semantic architecture
3. Off-page SEO - This includes back link building, social citations & domain authority

ITM is a leading Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Company based in Cape Town. We grow your business with more internet traffic to your website by making your website more visible to the search engines.

Web SEO Services Cape Town

Although complicated, there is no reason why website owners should not be able to master search engine optimization principles and succeed with SEO.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is more often known, is frequently misunderstood. More often than not the process is deliberately shrouded in mystery. And it is also true that a lot of so-called SEO simply doesn't address the correct aspects of the website.

Website SEO is an absolutely essential process for every website. It should be built into the website design process.

Essentially SEO is about making your website more visible to search engines searches on the internet. And search engine optimization can be understood as the digital marketing strategy for elevating a website onto the first page of search engine page results (SERP) when a search for a business relevant keyword is conducted.

  • The Problem with Search Engine Queries

Very few customers will proceed beyond the first page of a search engine search query if your website is not on the first page of a query.

It is doubtful whether you will enjoy the traffic and possible business from customers looking for your services and products, but finding your competitors instead, higher up the search engine results. Getting to the top of the search engine means dislodging your competitors from their perch higher up.

In competitive industries this can be a lengthy task, with seemingly little reward in the beginning. 

SEO Consultants - ITM approach to SEO

 At ITM we subscribe to an integrated approach to Web SEO: the technology and content of the site must work together to achieve the digital marketing goals of the business.

While very few clients can effect the technical aspects of their website, all clients should be able to provide good content about their business. Where this is not possible, ITM provides an SEO copywriting service.

Search Engine Optimization and Website Content

There are specific aspects of the website content that website owners should pay attention to:

  • Getting your site onto the search engines is the easy part.

Imagine that the internet is a massive worldwide map of information with in excess of 1 billion websites. What chance does your website stand of being found on this map unless you make sure that search engines can find your site on specific search keywords.

Getting your site found on this map on the search relevant terms that apply to your website is what takes time, skill and effort. The objective is to make sure that your site is listed on top of any internet search result otherwise your potential clients will definitely not find you.

It is most important that your content is well organised, navigable and is embodied in the structure of the website.

  • Google search engine listing

Google is simply the best search engine worldwide. Google has set standards that others merely follow. And it is these Web SEO standards that website owners should apply on their websites.

Google uses mathematical algorithms to determine search term relevance to website content on website pages to return relevant search results as accurate search rankings.

These algorithms consider many factors in ranking your website. For example: Mobile Friendly, age, inbound links, relevant keywords, human friendly URLs, Traffic and many other factors.

  • Page title, keywords, description and content

It is very important that the website content is written to include the search keyword terms that you would like internet users to search on to find your website:

  • The menu item title must be relevant to the page content
  • Each page title should reflect clearly what users can expect to find on that website page - Create unique, accurate page titles.
  • Description METATAGS should in turn reflect the relevance of the web page to key search terms
  • Make use of the "description" meta tag to summarize the page's content accurately with unique descriptions for each page
  • Improve the structure of the site URLs to make them user and 'human' friendly. Create a simple directory structure and logical site map.
  • The content of the website page should match the search keywords, title and description so that internet searches are highly relevant to the keyword terms to be found in your website content.
  • Although keyword metatags are irrelevant to Search Engine page indexing, the process of identifying and focusing on keywords for search purposes is critical to refining your website content relevance.

SEO Content Optimization

ITM SEO Consultants offer a SEO Content Optimisation service to assist business website design achieve the correct focus and content.

A large number of technical improvements to your website pages are used to advance the SEO process further. It is however best to see Business Search Engine Optimization as a continuous work in progress.

SEO Technical Audit Report

ITM search engine optimization experts also offer a SEO Technical Audit as a service. This allows us to analyze your website and identify its level of Search Engine Optimization. We cover all the aspects 'on and off the page' that need to be addressed.

ITM also specialises in Digital Marketing campaigns elevating our clients to page 1 of Google page results for ALL their business keywords.

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